How to manage and and take care of your curly hair

In order to take proper care of your curly hair, you must, firstly, understand the type of curls you possess. Whether you have got loose or wavy curls, medium, tight or even kinky curls, styling them mostly depends on your ability to choose the best products for curly hair and then applying techniques for the curl type. Once you succeed in doing this, you will be able to control them consistently throughout. Every curly head generally has different types of curls that are constantly shifting. Climate and weather play a crucial role besides health, stress, hormones and medications that impose dramatic effect on the curls.

best products for curly hair

Choosing suitable products:

If you possess gorgeously curly hair, there’s no doubt that you have tried an endless number of products, both expensive and inexpensive ones. You’ve most likely bought and used products, which were labelled as perfect for curly hair but have failed to satisfy you. So before you buy your next shampoo for damaged hair, you must consider a few points to end up buying a perfect product. Curly hair normally tends to be drier and prone to damage and therefore, use shampoos that leave your hair free from frizz, healthy and gorgeous for a long time. Products that soften and relax the hair, making it look shinier and manageable will be best for girls with curly hair. Shampoo with an ability to deep clean the hair from its cuticle can remove all sorts of dirt and impurities that cling to the hair must be chosen.

The best products for curly hair would work to increase the longevity of keratin treatment and shall cover your hair with a protective layer of keratin and collagen. These products may add a silky shine, volume and hydration to your hair that will help to fight hair breakage, split ends and frizz and add a healthy look to your hair.

How to apply them:

If your hair is suffering from dryness, then you must apply healthy hair shampoo, mostly on your scalp. Once thick lather is formed on your scalp, you can gently shampoo the length and ends of your hair. With a good product, shampooing once would be enough without the need to apply it again. Then you may apply conditioner through the length of your hair but avoid applying them on the scalp as it may grease your scalp resulting in flat hair on the scalp and puffy hair along the length.

Keratin treatments:

You may also consider using keratin complex smoothing treatment for your curly hair as these add a bounce to your hair. Keratin is a protein compound that is naturally present in the hair, but pollution and harmful chemicals often bring about a deficit in the keratin content. However, these products can help to restore the health and vigour of your hair. It is always best to use keratin smoothing products that do not contain formaldehyde or its derivatives that may cause damage to your hair.

The best products for curly hair can protect your curls from pollution and harmful UV rays and take good care of your hair so that these can continue making you loom gorgeously beautiful.

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