Understanding HID Spotlight Bulbs

Lighting technology has evolved a great deal ever since Emerson carried out bulb experiments over a century ago. Today, consumers have a wide range of choices when it comes to lighting. These include HID spotlight bulbs, plasma bulbs, xenon bulbs, and neon bulbs amongst others.

hid spotlight bulbs

HID lighting is one of the most preferred lighting options. What is it and how does it offer consumers greater advantages when it comes to lighting requirements?

HID Lighting

HID refers to High-Intensity Discharge, deferring remarkably from incandescent lighting that is mostly used in households. While the latter uses heating filaments to produce light, HID spotlight bulbs produce light by generating an arc across two electrodes. This has the advantage of producing greater light intensities, compared to conventional halogen lamps.

If you are using HID lamps – you are assured of far-reaching, bright, and portable lamps that can be applied in varied situations, particularly in the case of emergencies.

Power to HID bulbs comes from a ballast unit. This supply the high voltage required to produce an electrical arc. Once this initial electrical arc has been produced, the voltage requirements will drop drastically. The bulb will then subsequently provide very brilliant lighting with very low-power consumption.

This is only a fraction of the power that halogen lamps consume. This efficiency is one of key advantage of HID spotlight lamps.


HID bulbs are filled with xenon gas, which are also called as xenon lamps. Due to its brilliance, lighting is considered more natural and even daylight-like. This is in full contrast to halogen lamps, which have yellow tints. Some HID lights may also use mercury vapor, resulting in lighting with a green or blue tint. However, this is balanced with a phosphorous coating. When the manufacturer employs sodium in an HID bulb, the resulting lighting will have a pink or orange tone.

Moreover, these lamps offer several advantages when utilized. For example, they have a very high peripheral visibility of up to 70%. This is much higher than that of halogen lamps. The luminance of HID lamps is three times than that of stock lamps as well. Thus, when purchasing HID spotlight bulbs – it is very important to put the laws that apply to aftermarket purchases of these lamps into consideration.

With improvements in the manufacturing technology, you can now purchase HID lights that are several degrees lighter – portable, but still highly-efficient in terms of lighting intensity. On the other hand, lighter lamps may not be as durable as heavier counterparts.

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